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From Aliens to Art to Animals….

Posted by on January 3, 2012

The first rocket built by Robert Goddard...

...then a video of his work.







Whilst we didn’t see an Alien encounter the night we stayed in Roswell, (unless you count the 7 little Aliens in our RV), there were many other things to see and do in the town. We went to the Roswell Museum and Arts Center. It was a wonderful facility and we enjoyed looking at the museum which featured Robert H Goddard’s work. By 1926, Goddard had constructed and successfully tested the first rocket using liquid fuel. The flight of Goddard’s rocket on March 16, 1926, at Auburn, Massachusetts, was as significant to history as that of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk.
Goddard was the first scientist who not only realized the potentialities of missiles and space flight but also contributed directly in bringing them to practical realization. Goddard had a rare talent in both creative science and practical engineering. The dedicated labors of this modest man went largely unrecognized in the United States until the dawn of what is now called the “space age.” High honors and wide acclaim, belated but richly deserved, now come to the name of Robert H. Goddard. We looked at the prototype of his work and enjoyed a short video.

The kids really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful art work. We hope it inspired Kaitlin, who is doing Fine Arts as one of her TEE subjects.

Loved the space and creative.... of art.






From glass to....

...amazing murals.








The kids found a room with interactive art squares and spent a while making their own hands on piece of geometric design. Luckily the center wasn’t full as we decided to create a “human form” art work. This was the type we got to bring home with us!

Having fun dabbling... geometric forms.

Akaisha oblivious.










Creative juices flowing... perfect harmony!








...human art in all....

....shapes and sizes!










We drove to a playground and Trev and some of the kids had a look at Spring River Zoo. It wasn’t well maintained but was free to go in and interesting to look at the animals.

A cougar to a ...

...Texan Long Horn!






The smallest deer to...

...a black bear.








We stayed at a KOA for the night, then headed off towards the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. That will be the subject of my next blog, but Flynn wanted to share with you his thoughts about Fossil Fuels in the form of a Persuasive Text. (This was part of his homework as we travelled through New Mexico and Texas.)

Pollution kills…use Renewable energy – A Persuasive Text by Flynn.

Do you want your world destroyed? Would you like to change your world into a better place to live with your family?

We should not use fossil fuels to generate energy for our world. I believe we can change the world together if we co-operate, but first you need to understand a few things.Burning fossil fuel pollutes and destroys our environment.I’ve seen first hand how the mining companies have polluted the environment whilst travelling through Texas.

Coal deposits on the side of the road.

Pumping for oil.







My family and I could smell this revolting smell. It was coming from the oil fields, refineries and coal fire power stations. They were spread hundreds of miles. I was upset at the awful stink and how the countryside was changed into an ugly longer landscape. I saw the pollution and stink coming from the refineries’ chimneys.

Would you like to live there? Do you want to be sick? I sure don’t! Well then, listen to this! Sickness will come among us if we don’t stop using fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels pollute our land and bring sickness to us and the wildlife. Pollution causes asthma, skin allergies and cancer. My Dad and I have seen oil on beaches that would cause the death of animals. We’ve seen oil leaking from boats on TV that kill lots of birds and animals. I would hate to be these poor animals.

Many people believe we will lose jobs if we do not use fossil fuels. You and I both know that there are many other renewable energy jobs that are better for the environment than fossil fuels. For example, when travelling through the desert in New Mexico, I saw big wind farms. This is where they make electricity from the wind, which is a lot healthier than fossil fuels and also provide lots of jobs.

Renewable energy.

Wind turbines.







I hope I’ve convinced you that fossil fuels are bad for the environment and for your health and that there are plenty more renewable energy sources.

Are you going to help me change the world?

By Flynn

4 Responses to From Aliens to Art to Animals….

  1. Mum and Dad

    Again, very impressive. I thought your contribution was very well done Flynn. I presume you will be walking every where now or riding your bike!!!!!!! At least you will be very fit and you will be doing your bit for the environment.

    Love Nan and Pop

  2. drivinguscrazy

    Hi Mum and Dad,
    Flynn was very “persuasive” wasn’t he! He reckons he’s going to longboard everywhere!
    Cath xx

  3. Aunty Trace

    Great persuasive writing Flynn….the world needs that kind of passion! XX

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Trace,
      Passion is one of Flynn’s great traits! Hope he keeps it when he’s an adult!

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