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X-Files in Roswell

Posted by on January 1, 2012

Oh look! Two aliens! of Alien conspiracy.







We did a long trek from Alburqerque to Roswell and didn’t arrive until after dark. In the morning, decided to look around the town of Roswell…and it wasn’t long before we saw our first Alien, then our second, and our third….. The town was full of them…..and all for good reason.

International UFO Museum and Research Centre.

We loved this sign...and it was only the start of UFO references.







A crashed Spaceship.

Alien heads on Tshirts.







Blow up Alien...

Street lamp Alien...

Alien Museum...










This was the town where an alien spaceship landed over 60 years ago. Apparently there was a HUGE Government cover up at the time, which remained fairly hush hush until 1990’s. Then all sorts of conspiracy theories came out with Military personnel coming forward and breaking their silence after 40 years.

People visiting from all parts of the world!

...and us from Oz!







We visited the International UFO Museum and Research Center and were in awe of the amazing memorabillia of that time. newspaper articles, photos, videos interviewing people etc.

Model of spaceship landing.

Replica of ship and Aliens.







Basically when the press release occurred on July 8 about a flying saucer being found, then July 9 was rescinded and a new statement issued about it only being a weather balloon, the “cover up” of the Roswell Incident began. More than 60 years later, there are still more questions than answers and the great debate about UFO encounters continues.

Aaaghhh. An Alien!

Lifelike Alien beings.

Pick the Aliens!!!!










Roswell Incident Timeline.

JULY 4, 1947 – Mac Brazel, rancher on Foster ranch (75 miles NW Roswell), heard a loud noise (different from thunder). Two nuns at St Mary’s Hospital in Roswell saw what they believed was an airplane crash. The tower at the base tracked and reported a “descending flash” that they tracked on radar.

JULY 5 – Brazel was routinely working the ranch property with his neighbours son Dee Proctor (age 7) and discovered the debris field 300 yards wide (3 football fields) and 3/4 mile long. He picked up a sackful of the “stuff”.

JULY 6 – Brazel takes his sackful of “stuff” to Sheriff Wilcox in Roswell. Wilcox calls Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel at the base who comes into town to investigate. Marcel decides to follow Brazel back to the ranch and they stay in a cabin that night.

Supposedly what the Alien looked like.

Horse covered in newspaper articles.







JULY 7 – Brazel and Marcel investigate the debris site on the ranch. Marcel stops at his house and shows his son (age 11) some of the stuff. Marcel shows the stuff to his boss, Col Blanchard. Glenn Dennis gets a call from RAAF about the number of child-size caskets he has in stock, and when could he get more? The base also called other times on how to preserve bodies that had been exposed to the weather – strictly for future reference. Glenn Dennis took an airman who had been riding on a motorcycle and hit a cattle truck to the base hospital and saw “strange stuff” in the back of the ambulance. Glenn went into the hospital¬† and saw his nurse friend who said to get out of there immediately. He was escorted out of the by the Military, with threats to his life.

JULY 8 – Col. Blanchard, head of RAAF (Roswell Army Airfield), told his PR officer, Lt Walter Haut, to issue the press release (2pm) about the UFO recovery. The Military philosophy was to inform the public that the craft was not there anymore so the public would not attempt to explore the Brazel site. Marcel takes some of the debris to Ft Worth to Gen, Ramey. Gen.Ramey spreads the debris on the floor of his office, tells Marcel to step out of the room for something. When Marcel returns, the debris has been replaced with weather balloon debris. Ramey tells Marcel not to speak and the disclaimer photo is shot (4pm) for the July 9 Newspapers.

During the period of July 9-12, Brazel is held by the military so they could “inspire” him to modify his story to that of a crashed weather balloon. Brazel died (in later life), remining silent on this event. Glenn Dennis met the nurse (per appointment) and she drew what she saw – big eyed alien – on the examining table, (she had been taking notes). She was transferred the next day to England and was declared dead soon after that (by the Military).

Lots of Alien artwork.

Pretty speccy paintings.







JULY 9 – Gen. Ramey issues a press release to the AP that the saucer story is just a weather balloon. “Pappy” Henderson, pilot, flies the alien bodies (that he saw) from RAAF to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH or Denver, CO or Ft Worth, Texas.

So, as you can see from this timeline, it was certainly an interesting time in Roswell in the 1940’s and certainly leaves us thinking about what else is out there in our wide and vast Universe. The mission of the International UFO Museum and research Centre is to educate the general public to all aspects of UFO Phenomena.

We saw information on Roswell, crop circles, sightings, Are 51, ancient astronauts and abductions. Apparently the exhibits are designed to encourage visitors to ask questions and think outside the box.

Crop Circles, sightings and all UFO stuff.

Watching the space ship take off....

...Watching but not listening!!











There were other places to see in Roswell, but I will share those in the next blog. Flynn will also share a persuasive text on a topic we passed as we were travelling. Until then…..

2 Responses to X-Files in Roswell

  1. Mum and Dad

    Wow!!!!! What an interesting blog. Leaves you wondering. Our 14 little aliens are far more attractive than the ” real ones”.

    Great to have you all home safely.


    Mum and Dad

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Mum and Dad,
      Yes, reading all the literature and seeing the movies and pictures was fascinating. We have a very big Universe!!! Anything is possible.
      Cath and family x

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