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A Texan Rodeo!

Posted by on January 11, 2012

Part of our stay in Dallas involved a wonderful “true blue” Texan Rodeo. Daphne and Nick came with us in our RV as we certainly weren’t all going to fit in their car! We drove to Fort Worth and started the evening at a great diner called Cooper’s Pit Bar-B-Que,

Finally a Texan Rodeo.

Cooper's Pit Bar-B-Que





A great place to eat a meal.

Certainly not for a vegetarian!








Our dinner was a very cool experience and we loved watching all the characters inside. This is just how we imagined a Texan Diner to look…complete with skull over the bar!

A typical Texan - friendly and with a big hat!

Chayse enjoying his drink.

Love the name of this place. Reminded us of some of the shows we watched in Australia about America.










With our bellies full, we made our way to the Rodeo. How exciting!

Outside the stadium.

Nick waiting.

Amber inside.










It’s one thing seeing a Rodeo on TV, it’s another seeing it in real ife. Rodeos are held regularly in Fort Worth and even so, there was still a fairly good crowd.

Sprinting around the ring....

...and raisingthe American flag.







A singer starting the evening...

...and the guest of honour!








The rodeo started with a bang, lots of dust and some aerial acrobatics! (The rider that is!)

As the dust settles.....

...the riders thrill.







A lone rider in the wings.... ready to lassoo a bucking bull....







...when the clowns depart..

...and he tames the wild beast.







Half time provided us with fantastic entertainment.

The clowns flung beer into the audience..

...and they were ready to catch!







This is all part of everyday life for those in Texas, but we were impressed with the skill and horsemanship.

What skill!

What style!










There were so many parts to the night. The cowboys lasooing the calves had to tie the legs together in under 8 seconds. No mean feat/feet (excuse the pun!)

The clowns hold the calf down...

...this one's given up. The cowboy wins!







Entertainment abounded, both in the arena and in the stands. Our kids had such a ball, as did we!

Watching all the action!

Real country gal singing!

Making balloon horns are no laughing matter!









Nick and Daphne were keen for the kids to join in the half time entertainment where they got to chase the calf and grab the ribbon off it’s back. The first to do it won a prize. The kids tried hard, and Jai nearly had it, but in the end, the ribbon was grabbed by a young girl having a birthday….and a fitting celebration for her.

Our Aussie kids join the Texan kids... the Texan ribbon grabbing competition.






The scatter far and wide....

...and Jai gets close...but not close enough!








Kit joins the younger kids for his turn....

...only this time it's a lamb!







Kit had a go at chasing a lamb when his turn came, and Chayse was just content to sit and watch with his Longhorn balloon hat.

Who's that with the big hat?

Oh, it's Chayse with his Longhorn balloon hat!

Kaitlin getting into the Texan swing of things.











This ended an amazing time at a true blue Texan Rodeo. Thank you so much Daphne and Nick for giving us such a great night out.

Leaving the Rodeo.

The boots and horseshoes say it all.







We will never forget our experience in Texas and especially in Fort Worth.

Our home away from home....waiting for us.

Nick and Daphne bought the balloon hats for the boys.


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