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About Us – The Howitt Clan


Hi there! We’re a family of nine and we live in Australia. Our trip of a lifetime is to travel around the USA in a motorhome or RV as they call them in America)  for 5 months. Our children range in age from 15 years down to 5 months old.

Kaitlin is our eldest at 15 yrs. Jai is next (13 years), then Flynn who is 11 yrs old. Amber follows (she is 9 yrs old), then Kit who is 6 yrs old. Chayse is 3 yrs old and is big brother to Akaisha who has just turned 6 months. (The picture above also shows us at the beginning of our trip with Scarlett, the children’s cousin who lives in Pennsylvania.)

We (Trevor and Cathy) are the parents and are both school teachers. We think a trip like this is the best education our kids can have. We look forward to some great adventures and hope you enjoy reading about them too.


38 Responses to About Us – The Howitt Clan

  1. Melanie Braggs

    Hi Trevor and Cathy, Looking forward to following your blog about your trip. Cheers Melanie

  2. drivinguscrazy

    HI Melanie,
    Hope you find the trip as interesting as we do. Hopefully will have lots of pictures and videos up soon.

  3. Cassie liebeck

    Hi Aunty Cathy I can’t wait to see your trip photos and videos already missing you
    Love Cassie

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Cassie, send love to your family. We are getting there with the photos. Just been too busy doing things and sorting kids, so will get there eventually. Hope school is going OK. Kids will be getting into their schooling full on soon. I think they’ve enjoyed the break!!
      Aunty Cath

  4. Heather Foster

    Hi Howitt clan! I Love your blog – great to hear of your adventures and am looking forward to the rest of your adventure, Love to everyone, Heather

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Heather,
      We are having fun. Taking me a while to sort out how to put photos on, now I just have to work out how to put them where I want them. All part of the learning experience. Hope all is well with you and your family. Cath

  5. brooke clarkson

    Hi there beautiful howit family! WOW! looks like you are having a amazing holiday… the clarkson kids are so jealous… we really love your blog what a great idea. Hope you guys have an amazing time love n sunshine from the clarkson clan…x

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Brooke,
      So lovely of you to comment. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful experience. Hope your Clarkson clan are having one back in Oz. 🙂 Cath.
      PS: Say hi to the kids.

  6. Debbie Jolliffe

    Hi to all the Howitts
    It is wonderful to hear from you and to now read your blog. I love it all!! What an adventure you are having with so many amazing memories already. I lived just outside the Mennonite ( very similar to Amish) community in Canada when I was there on exchange. It is certainly a fascinating life style and they produce so many very unique crafts. I am so pleased that all is going to plan and so smoothly for you to date. Look forward to reading more! Deb

  7. drivinguscrazy

    Hi Deb,
    The Amish community was great to see. I have seen the term Mennonite here in the US, so maybe there are communities living here as well or perhaps another term for Amish?
    Hopefully this will bring back some fond memories for you as well. Take care. Cath

  8. Georgee

    Hey cath,
    The blog looks great and i love all the photos you’ve put up! Hope everythings going well. I miss you all so much and look forward to reading about more of your adventures.
    Lots of love from george xo
    P.s i love trevs part about the paintball 🙂

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hey George, Great to hear from you. We are having lots of fun, although Kaitlin is missing you HEAPS. Is she could transport you to us in America, she would! Hopefully we will meet a few teenagers along the way and she won’t miss you and all her friends so much. Cath

  9. Carmel


    Following your blog- looks like a fantastic experience. Just want to wish Kit a wonderful birthday and we are all thinking of him on his special day. Give everyone a kiss for me and look forward to seeing your new RV.


  10. drivinguscrazy

    Hi Carmel,
    Lovely to hear from you. Yes, it is a fantastic experience and one we are glad you are enjoying with us. Kit had a great day. I will put up his birthday blog tomorrow. Love to all of your family too. Cath

  11. Wayne and Kim Batt

    Hi Howitt clan. Enjoying watching your adventures in the US. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Will look forward to catching up on the next amazing thing on you trip of a life time. xxx

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Wayne, Kim and kids,
      We are having a great time. Thanks for visiting our bog. Hope life is treating you well. Visited Niagara Falls today… just have to put up a blog post. 🙂
      Cath and Trev and kids

  12. Sandi Vegoe

    Hello to the Howitt Clan. And welcome to this beautiful place we call home. It was such a pleasure meeting all of you on Sunday night in Lyman Run State Park (just before the rain). I look forward to following you on your fabulous adventure and wish you well. Since I shared with you what I consider a great place to stop, here is a good website to get an idea of what I was talking about. And then of course there are the canyons – Grand, Bryce, Zion and …. well just too many to mention. I could go on and on about great spots to visit but I’m sure you will have a lot of recommendations from others. So, happy trails to you all and be safe. Hope to chat with you another time.

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Sandi,
      You are our first American visitor we have met on our travels to comment on our blog. It was a pleasure meeting you as well, and we thank you for all of your great suggestions of what there is to see and do around here. I had a look at the website, thank you. I guess you’ll be able to see if we manage to get to all of them or not. Take care……….and if you ever manage to “tick” off Australia on your list, you know how to contact us.
      Cheers, Cath, Trev and kids

      • Sandi Vegoe

        Oh my gosh!!….. now who took that picture when I wasn’t looking! You know, that Monday morning when we got up it continued to rain and as we packed up to leave for home, I must say, I was a bit envious of you all in your dry ‘RV’. :>)
        We came home and we continue to have rain – about 8″ already and it is still raining as I write this.
        I so look forward to tracking you all across the US and maybe when you are back in PA, we can consider getting together.
        Enjoy and be safe!

        • drivinguscrazy

          Hi Sandi,
          Kaitlin’s the undercover photographer. I didn’t realise she’d taken it either. Would love to catch up when we are back in PA. Until then………..

  13. Sandi Vegoe

    So much rain here since you’ve moved on. 16 inches since the weekend! Had a difficult time getting to work on Thursday and some folks weren’t able to get there at all. Lots of damage. Had some sunshine today. Enjoy your travels. Keep in touch.

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Sandi,
      Last night we had rain and a thunderstorm, but other than that, we have been very lucky with the weather. Can’t believe you had 16 inches. Hope the damage wasn’t too extensive. Is everything back to normal now?

  14. Janine

    Love your blog. Its lovely to read about what you have seen and all the adventures.
    Happy travels. Janine & Co Take care.

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Janine and Co,
      Thanks for following us still. Makes us feel connected with everyone back home.
      Hope all is going well with you too.

  15. meredith

    Hello to all the Howitts. Iv’e just got thru reading your adventures, Pat told me about your blog and I am most impressed and jealous too !!!!! I’ll be continuing to read your updates, more fun and interesting than any book on my bedside table and Kaitlin, pleeeeaze continue with your truly wonderful photos. I just love them…following in your uncles footsteps hey !!!

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Meredith and Fred, Dana and Aiden,
      So lovely to have you following our blog. Yes, Kaitlin does take interesting photos (which is good, because I just take the stock standard type!). Hope all is well in your camp. We are heading to the Badlands today, so have a few miles to put under our belt.
      Take care.
      Cath and family

  16. Melanie Murray

    Hey guys

    You guys don’t know how jealous i am 😀
    i hope your having a fantatic time BIG Hi to Flynn everyone still talks about you (good ways)
    we all miss you and with you and the rest of your family the best

    From Mel

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Mel,
      Thanks for posting a comment. Really great to hear from you. Flynn says hi and wants to know how you are all going? We’re missing you guys, but having a good time here.
      Cath, Flynn and family

  17. Cassie liebeck

    I lovvvve reading your blog looks like your having a good time so are we but not as much!
    Love Cassie

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Cassie,
      So glad you’re enjoying the blog posts. Also glad you are having fun too. Send love to the whole family.
      Love Aunty Cathy and family

  18. Lisa Wood

    Hello Cathy,

    I am so happy that I found your blog about you travelling from America to Australia. Its amazing to read that you are travelling over there with 7 kids!

    We are so looking forward to travelling – I would love to travel overseas!


    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Lisa,
      Glad you have joined us on our trip. Travelling with 7 kids is probably no different to travelling with 2 or 3,…… just more bodies to feed, more noise to monitor, more space taken up, but more importantly, more adventures and memories to share.
      Cheers Cath.
      PS: You’ll love all kinds of travel, but this is certainly an adventure.

  19. Tim, Mel, Blake and Aisyah Lymon

    Hi Trev, Cath and crew
    We think of you all often and love seeing how your great adventure is going. Aisyah has a special hello for Kit. Enjoy.. With Love from Tim, Mel, Blake and Aisyah xx

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Tim, Mel, Blake and Aisyah,
      So lovely to know you are following our travels. We are having fun, but being in an RV with 7 kids can be “interesting” at times!
      I have passed Aisyah’s special hello onto Kit. He smiled shyly, then said to say hello back to Aisyah. Hope all is well with you guys and that you are enjoying your new home!
      Cath, Trev and Howitt Clan x

  20. Chris wong

    Hello to all of you thank you for your wonderful blog looking forward to more love to you all and travel safe xxx
    John and Chris xx

    • drivinguscrazy

      Lovely to hear from you John and Chris.
      We have been keeping safe. (The kids don’t venture too far in Grizzly and Mountain Lion country!) Such beautiful places to see here. Enjoying the National Parks, but we are in Seattle (Washington) at the moment. Very pretty city.
      Hope you are both well.
      Cath, Trev and Howitt Clan. xx

  21. Neil and Tracey

    Hi Cath and Trev – I have finally caught up on the adventures by reading all the blogs – will show Neil this w’end. Wow! You are doing a fabulous job with the blogs and entertaining us all. What a trip…. Lifetime memories..Trev won’t be missing all the report writing and rehearsals back at home. We returned to Cocos finally with the kids and enjoyed a warm fuzzy feeling the whole time we were there….A new longlasting chair is being built for Marli…cleared our block..who know where to from here.
    Stay safe lovely family, enjoy having cuppas with amazing views…Neil, Tracey, Jess and Stevi xxxxx

    • drivinguscrazy

      Hi Neil, Trace, Jess and Stevi,
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog. It’s a great way for us to keep a diary of our trip as well as keep family and friends up to date with our travels.
      Trev is definitely not missing report writing. We have been lucky enough to have friends keep us up to date with the goings on back home.
      We were very envious to hear you’d gone back to Cocos. So glad you did though. I could well imagine the warm fuzzy feeling. There are many great memories tied up in that island! Can’t wait to see your block. I think you’ll have to build on it soon. Hope we can all catch up when we return.
      Love Cath, trev, Kait, Jai, Flynn, Amber, Kit, Chayse and Akaisha xx

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